Digital Strategists in Atlanta, Georgia

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Katie and DeeDee attend the MNO Tour with Karen


The long term goals for BOAW include growing new groups, expanding the tour, and increasing reach. Therefore we believe it would be amiss to not fully utilize the tour to work toward those goals. 


  • Live social media coverage (our specialty) 
  • event photography (DeeDee)
  • community building  (Katie)
  • two extra sets of hands, eyes, and ears for Karen and Kelsey.  


$3500 tour contract (and / or travel paid by BOAW) in exchange for:

  • pre-tour promotion (this includes video editing for targeted FB ads)
  • on-tour responsibilities
  • post-tour follow-up (including FB albums and surveying)


our pitch deck is below for you and the board to consider. We'd love to talk you through this when you get the chance. - Katie and Deedee ("Canary/Cardinal")